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The Best Boom Box Ever Built

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The New Ghetto Blaster  

If you are looking for a high power music blaster that will blast the whole neighborhood, you have found it with the SuperBoomBox.

The term Ghettoblaster became the common term in the UK and Australia for large portable stereos. Ghettoblaster info from Wikipedia

The term usually carries a connotation of power and disregard of social rules, shown in the ability to blast music to overwhelm those around you, as portrayed in the film "Do the Right Thing" by director Spike Lee.

While the word is racially inflammatory in some circumstances, it has also been embraced as a term of black, urban pride — and, like many such terms, has been adopted by parts of the non-black American community. It is used as the name of at least one magazine and one recording company, and is also a popular stereotype element typically associated with funk, hip-hop and rap, African American culture, 1970s and 1980s culture, breakdancing and even racist jokes.

We at assure you that we are using the terms, ghettoblaster or ghetto-blaster in a complimentary way. We believe that our Super Boombox is the best Ghettoblaster ever built. That is a pretty high claim you say, but this Boom Box has it all, with loud power to spare.

Check out the specifications for the SuperBoomBox.

Boom us an order for your SuperBoomBox today.

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