The Best Boom Box Ever Built
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The Best Boom Box Ever Built

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Super Boom Box Is Not A Toy  

You Will Not Find This Boom Box At The Local Toy Stores

Product Short Description's Super Boom Box plays over a thousand fun tunes of your choice, and has a cool display filled with the song information along with flashing display that lights and dances to the beat of the music to entertain the child in you. Press the remote control buttons to turn the unit on, increase the volume, change songs, and other cool features. The child in you will love it. This great music blaster is a exclusive!

Recommended Super Boom Box User Age: Adults, near adults, or those adults that have the child in them.

Every Super Boom Box Has A Powerful, Long Lasting, Rechargeable, Battery Included.

Manufacturer # SBB1000

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SuperBoomBox User's Feedback  


"Being a water aerobics instructor for many years I have tried many different types of boom boxes and sound systems for playing music routines during my outdoor pool workout sessions. All have failed miserably in performance, ease of use, battery life, and overall reliability." ...

"Then I got a SuperBoomBox! I love it! I put all my aerobic workout music on one flash drive. I was able to arrange everything in folders specific to my different routines and was even able to add special folders containing music for different holidays."

A great product! Many thanks to you Boomer, and to your crew!

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Super Boom Box

The best boom box for water aquatics, water aerobics, exercise workouts, parties, the beach, camping, DJs, workout instructors, and more. Order your Super Boom Box today.

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