The Best Boom Box Ever Built



Being a water aerobics instructor for many years I have tried many different types of boom boxes and sound systems for playing music routines during my outdoor pool workout sessions. All have failed miserably in performance, ease of use, battery life, and overall reliability. Some required AC power to work. A power outlet was rarely available where I needed it. The battery operated ones used up the batteries at a rapid rate and were always running low at inopportune times. The quality of the sound output was poor and the volume level was always less than desired. Fumbling with tape cassettes or CD’s with wet hands was always a hassle and sometimes led to damaged media. Because my classes go on, rain or shine, trying to change the tape cassettes or CD’s during rainstorms and keep the player covered with something was next to impossible.

Then I got a SuperBoomBox! I love it! I put all my aerobic workout music on one flash drive. I was able to arrange everything in folders specific to my different routines and was even able to add special folders containing music for different holidays. Now I have all my music contained within a water resistant, good sounding, unit that produces volume levels that exceeds anything that I would normally use. Many participants of my classes have commented on how good the sound is. Whether I am instructing from the pool deck or in the water, I just pick up the wireless remote control that I keep on the edge of the pool deck, that is usable through a clear waterproof bag that I keep it in, to adjust the volume or to select the song or folder that I want to play. I now have over 900 songs in 15 different folders available for instant play. No more do I have to fumble with cassette tapes and CD’s. I don’t worry about the rain anymore and the battery life is unbelievable! I only have to recharge it once a week on my present schedule. Oh, and I love your logo.

A great product! Many thanks to you Boomer, and to your crew!

Super Boom Box

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