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The Best Boom Box Ever Built

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Yes This Is For Real!  

This Just In From The Web

Hello Boomer,

I just love this Super Boom Box! I first thought you used PhotoShop to cut and paste a Sears tool box picture to get your boom box, but after talking with your internet contact - some guy named Jim, I came to realize this box is really REAL! Wow, what a great idea. I love it.

My wife and I are going on a business trip/vacation to Ft. Lauderdale, FL in mid-January and feel that I could do a good job in promoting this Super Boom Box at all the various surf shops up and down the Atlantic Coast of Florida. I look forward to discussing this in more detail with you.

Sincerely Patrick

The pictures of SuperBoomBox are actual photos of the boombox itself. Everything that you see comes with the box. The Box Is Real.

Signed Boomer

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posted by SuperBoomBox at Friday, December 01, 2006


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